Ladakh Day 4 – Sumdha Phu to Kungski La

The day I bribed Lindsay through photography…

Day Begins: Camp near Sumdha Phu
High Pass: Kungski La (16,240 feet / 4950 meters)
Day Ends: Camp at Base of Kungski La Trail

Tragedy struck early in camp. While trying to review his photographic haul from the day before, Glenn wasn’t able to pull up any images. In fact, his card told him he was out of memory. And that was it, even after pulling out the instruction manual (what are the odds he actually had the instruction manual?) and trying everything, the thing was finished.

Ladakh 348

Starting the hike up toward the pass

While not having a camera, especially a new camera purchased for the trip, is tragic, let’s look at the positive sides:

(1) He didn’t have to lug an extremely heavy camera up any passes.
(2) We had pulled his pre-trek pictures (with the exception of a day in Delhi) from the card and were safely stored back at home on the laptop (thankfully, we had a full set of stock Delhi images from which they could select).
(3) There was one fewer camera for which we had to sit through group poses.
(4) There were no fewer than three other cameras to capture the trek (and those group poses).

 Something tells me he still would have rather had a camera.

Ladakh 366

Real smile or fake? The world may never know.

Speaking of cameras, Lindsay loves having her picture taken. And why shouldn’t she, she can flash a smile in even her worst moment and look several times better than I’ve ever looked in any photograph. For this day’s pass, I used that to my advantage. This would be her first climb entirely supported by Diamox which should have helped but there were no guarantees. As a result, I decided to keep the camera out, ready, and constantly pointed at Lindsay. I may not have even always taken a picture, but she was none the wiser. As long as there was a camera pointed in her direction, her permi-smile could be found. And what do you know? That pass (which was higher than the first) wasn’t so bad after all.

Ladakh 393

Lindsay and Judith at Kungski La

When we arrived at camp that afternoon, we quickly realized that part of the food budget was set aside for the purchase of an animal to butcher along the way. Deepak and Surya were busy negotiating with a man near a flock of sheep located just beyond camp. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. Fortunately, we were treated to Deepak’s pizza instead. Not a bad way to end a day that had started a little less joyously.

Ladakh 432



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  1. Hinju to Marjek or Sumdha Chenmo takes nearly 5-6 hours. Walking above the small stream then crossing the barley fields and heading towards the Kungski La, 4,950m.

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