Quite or very creepy? Photos with Disney Characters

I don’t get a lot of things about Disney. But then again, I’m not going to get a lot of things about a vacation that makes skiing at Vail look cheap. However, the thing I get the least is full grown adults without children waiting in line to get their pictures taken with characters. Admittedly, it takes a pretty small person to judge another’s hobby, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Because any parent that’s waited in a line with their four year old has thought this exact same thing, all the while cursing these childless folks for forcing us to wait in that line any longer than needed.

Here’s the list (from not at all creepy to completely creepy) of the types of childless adults (SINKs, DINKs, ZINKs, whatever you want to call them) getting their picture taken with theme park characters:

  • Those rounding out autograph books from childhood
  • Those that quickly just want a picture and move along
  • Anyone pretending Prince Charming is saying anything remotely charming
  • Anyone holding a long enough conversation with a princess to where they think they’re forging an actual friendship (while only mildly creepy, these are perhaps the most annoying as they’re literal choke points in Disney’s already painful queue system)
  • Anyone referring to a prior year’s conversation with a character. Newsflash: Ariel is a character played by an actor. The odds of that same actor playing Ariel in 2017 that played Ariel in 2013 are extremely low (even if it was the same person, they would have had approximately 144,369 conversations with guests in that time).
  • Dude with a girlfriend getting a solo picture with a princess
  • Solo dude getting a picture with a princess

Needless to say, no pictures of me exist with a Disney princess. Unless you count my daughter.



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